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  1. JC JC 03/26/2018

    On this episode, we welcome the amazing Tim Kennedy to the podcast. For those who don’t know, Tim is a true American hero and bad ass. He is a U.S. Army Ranger qualified Green Beret who served as a soldier in the Army’s Special Forces and still serves as a Special Forces soldier in the Texas National Guard.

    Tim is perhaps more recognized to most people as a former professional MMA fighter in the UFC, IFL, Strike Force, among other organizations. Tim has also been featured on numerous TV shows such as Hunting Hitler on the History Channel and currently owns and operates Sheepdog Response, a self-defense training company focused on making civilians and law enforcement better defenders of their homes, families, and communities.

    Tim is a larger than life personality an unapologetically patriotic and this episode displays that in full. This episode is a bit shorter than our normal episodes due to scheduling and time constraints. Tim was still gracious enough to make time in his ultra busy schedule to talk with us and we appreciate it.

    So sit back, strap in, and help us welcome Tim Kennedy to the Street Warrior Radio Podcast.

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    Tim Kennedy

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    Thank you for your support and welcome to the Street Warrior Radio family!

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