JC and Bigbo return to talk about a bunch of nonsense (as usual) and eventually end up talking about The Thin Blue Line and what it means to them, where it’s veered off track, and why the “brotherhood” isn’t what it used to be.

The Street Warrior Radio Podcast is a podcast focused on sharing life lessons learned both on the street and at home by veteran cops JC and BigBo. It’s more than just that though, it’s the sharing of their journey and demonstration of that despite the career choice, cops and everyone else are the same thing: human beings. We all experience hardships, trauma, love, laughter, happiness, etc. With this podcast, JC and BigBo hope to give others a view into their world and through their experiences, help and motivate people to seek new challenges and overcome old challenges. Whether you’re a first responder, military service member, business person, stay at home mom, single parent, college student, or pretty much anything else, there’s something for you.

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